One of the key priorities of this overall initiative is to be able to support the education programs of undergraduate and graduate students, prioritizing those demonstrating excellence in the area of the arts in education. For this reason a significant portion of the funding from the P. Lantz initiative is dedicated to students.

Scholarship and Fellowship recipients:

How to apply, for Undergraduate students:
Established in 2014 by Pauline Smith, Med. 1975, for outstanding undergraduate students in the area of arts education, the P. Lantz Scholarships for Excellence in Education and the Arts are awarded on the basis of academic merit to students who have completed at least one year of an undergraduate program in the Faculty of Education. To apply, please visit:
P. Lantz Scholarships for Excellence in Education & the Arts

How to apply, for Graduate students:
Students are chosen by the Graduate Program Director. For more information, email Michael Lariviere