By Maria Ezcurra

Objectively Subjective, 2015 – 2016

This participatory project represents the research and teaching practices of various DISE Faculty members.

The series—strongly related to material culture—considers the effects of things on individual professional identities as much as the subjective ways in which we see and interpret our social context.

Each picture displays, more than an object, a form of perceiving the world.

Made with the participation of: Anila Asghar / Lynn Butler-Kisber / Mindy Carter / Allison Gonsalves / Limin Jao / Steven Jordan / Marta Kobiela / Bronwen Low / Claudia Mitchell / Naomi Nichols / Caroline Riches / Mela Sarkar / Annie Savard / Shaheen Shariff / Sheryl Smith-Gilman / Boyd White / Elizabeth Wood / Paul Zanazanian