The Artist-in-Residence (AiR) position is held by an individual who is both a practicing artist and an arts educator, and who works with students and Faculty across a range of programs. The role of this Artist in Residence is to work with the community of Education in building their understanding of the languages of art, and the ways in which the arts can be integral to building knowledge across disciplines. Students and future teachers and researchers have an opportunity to work with this artist, and to become immersed in questions of form, epistemology, and pedagogy.

This dedicated position ensures expertise, collaboration, coherence and continuity including:

  • expertise and support for non-arts professors across various disciplinary areas in Education wanting to integrate arts themes, strategies and/or assignment options in their classes
  • mentoring in arts and education for undergraduate and graduate students
  • planning, coordinating, and implementing exhibitions, digital display, and other art spaces in the Faculty of Education, and organizing art events including workshops, presentations, panels, and/or various other types of arts related scholarly activities
  • communication and coordination across the specialized art courses on themes related to pedagogy and social change, as well as across courses in which the arts are developed (as appropriate)


The 2015-2016 Artists-in-Residence were Maria Ezcurra and Jimmy Baptiste.

The 2016-2017 Artists-in-Residence were Lori Beavis and Kama La Mackerel

The 2017-2018 Artists-in-Residence are Aaron Richmond and Victoria Stanton

This will be the fourth year of the Artist in Residence program in DISE. For information on how to apply for the 2018-2019 residency, go to: