SC_AiR_01Students from Sheryl Smith-Gilman’s course on The Kindergarten Classroom participate in the “Loose Parts” workshop led by Artist in Residence Maria Ezcurra.

Mathematics Education students discuss with Maria Ezcurra how mathematics can be understood and represented through art in relation to our daily lives, during their class with Professor Limin Jao.

Mindys Communication ClassWith the help of Artist in Residence Maria Ezcurra, Mindy Carter and the students of Communication in Education look at the environment as the 3rd teacher.

Renees Art Class 4B.Ed. students in Renee Jackson’s Art class worked with labels and the students’ clothes to talk about personal, social, and cultural identities and production processes during a workshop led by Maria Ezcurra.

20151030_124920Instructor Sheryl Smith-Gilman and her students use the Artist in Residence working space for their Communication in Education Course.

20151030_124927Communication in Education students in Chloe Garcia’s course look at the environment as the 3rd teacher during their class held in the Artist in Residence working space.