March 22, 2018


In collaboration with the McGill’s Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies (IGSF) and the Atwater Library and Computer Centre, the MAHI hosted and facilitated two arts-based workshops to explore the reality of on-campus gender-based sexual violence and rape culture, with a spirit of collaboration and collective reflection:


  1. Hands-on, Hands-off, Textile Workshop, facilitated by Maria Ezcurra (MAHI Art Facilitator).

This workshop focused on our hands’ creative and caring potential, but also intended to create awareness about their damaging power. Hands-on, Hands-off encouraged participants to share their experiences, thoughts and needs, and invited them to listen, understand and respect those of others. In a safe and supportive environment, participants were invited to use their hands to transform fabric gloves to represent experiences related to gender-based violence that may be hard to express in words. The gloves were creatively transformed to address and understand gender-based sexual violence and rape culture on campuses, allowing our bodies to become sites for healing, resistance, communication, and commemoration.

The work done in this workshop will form part of a collaborative ongoing art installation in the MAHI. For the installation, the gloves will be suspended from threads at the ceiling, inviting visitors to walk among them.



2. Picturing Consent, Photovoice Workshop, facilitated by Milka Nyariro, Ph.D. Candidate,              Department of Integrated Studies in Education (DISE), McGill University.

This Photo-voice activity explored the concept of consent in academic contexts and university campuses. The audience used their hands to make symbols and gestures of “consent.” They took pictures using a digital camera, printed the photo on site and wrote a small caption on the meaning of the picture. The pictures were displayed in the space to show the different meanings of consent and sexual-gender-based violence within an academic context, and were exhibited in the Art Hive during the event.