By Lori Beavis

My objective in intervening in the Freire cabinet was to pose a number of questions. I have not specifically answered these questions in an academic manner but I have provided materials (book jackets, quotes and other bibliographic materials) to suggest a starting point for a discussion. I also made paper jingles (acknowledging Maria Huppfield) from old books hung from threads that indicate the four directions.

Is there a connection between Indigenous experiences and Freire?

Is there a connection between Freire and Indigenous experiences of Residential Schools?


What is literacy?

What does literacy look like in a Euro-western understanding and in Indigenous culture?

How does literacy impact/ limit community development?


What are the emblems of literacy? -> pens/ pencils/ books – signatures

What about literacy and the signed treaties? – Literacy/identity -> signatures versus dodems


What does cultural knowledge look like?

What is emblematic of an oral tradition?


Did the Residential Schools teach literacy?

What else did the Residential schools teach?

What did the Residential schools take away from the students?