With the support of Allan Vicaire and the First Peoples’ House of McGill, the Artful Inquiry Research Group organized an event on May 25th2016, entitled: Artful/curricular conversations and reflections around Indigenous education at McGill. Nearly one year removed from the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee, our conversation encircled Indigenous education in relation to science, youth, culture, and digital media production. Held outdoors in the Faculty of Education’s Outdoor Learning Space and Community Garden, the conversation was opened by local Elders Jean Stevenson and Dalbert Sampson, and showcased the research efforts of Ashley DeMartini, Dawn Wiseman, Teresa Strong-Wilson, Sheryl Smith-Gilman, Claudia Mitchell, Bronwen Low, Mindy Carter, Alayna Kolodziechuk, Allan Vicaire, and Jim Howden. Throughout the discussion, faculty, staff, students, and community members were able to connect, pause, and reflect. Many thanks to the P-Lantz Initiative for Excellence in Education and the Arts for supporting the event.