By Maria Ezcurra

Inhabiting Lost Spaces, 2016

Installations in the Faculty of Education, made by Fellows of the P. Lantz Initiative for Excellence in Education & the Arts.

Students were invited by Maria Ezcurra (DISE’s AiR) to intervene with spaces in the Education building. The idea was to give new life to spaces that are commonly underused, in considering what the Faculty of Education needs and wants.

The resulting interventions are simple but powerful statements of the potential that Education has to create experiences, generate awareness and make community through the arts.

Ground Floor:
Chalkboard Stories (next to the piano), by Shauna Rak and Layal Shuman (Doctoral Students)



1st Floor:
Tree of Life (inside the Education Curriculum Resources Centre), by María Ezcurra (AiR)

 Tree of Life 1_Sm


3rd Floor:
Dance Space (located in front of the elevators), by Nicole Speare Ortiz (Undergraduate Student)


3rd Floor:
Green Table (located next to the stairs facing Peel St.), by Clare Olson (Undergraduate Student)